me and this boy are friends for past 3 years. i never realised this before but now ,i have started loving him. the problem is that he likes someonelse but this girl dosent even care for him. he has ben mad about her for 3 years but always got a cold response from her side. for now he and i are going around for past 2 months but it seems he is not able to forget her. ilove him very much and just want him to be happy. can our relationship be a sucesful one.

I am in love with a girl who is just too conservative but is open to me. we are friends for the past 1 year. but i am not able to express my feelings because i m anot sure what kind of feelings des she have for me. today only she is my suppport and i dont want to loose her at any cost. i am very desperate to make her mine but at the same time i dont wanna loose her.some times i feel that she has some feelings for me but not too sure. please help me luv guru.

age : 25 sex : male location : india, mumbai. one of my friend, we have been knowing each other since more than 15 years now, had an affair. she called off. reason being family problem. then now, after 8 – 10 months i proposed to her. i told her, “recently i have been thinking, can i spend my life with you…” but she replied no.. reason : she have not yet not come out of her last shock. another reason : she does not love me, but she likes mi very much as a friend. & now, i guess, she have started ignoring mi. im not sure, whether i love her or not, but i m sure i want to spend mi life with her. please advise, wat should i do? thanks, Milin

Hi!!! M in love with a person. we study together since 6th std. now i have just completed my 12th std n he has completed his 2nd yr diploma. i like him very much. tell me some ways to find out whether he feels d same about me or not. he doesn’t have any girlfriend n we r good friends. i can’t ask his friends about this as they r not dat close to me. i can’t dare to propose him as m a very big fattu. how do i impress him n how do i read his mind ? pleaaaaase help me.

i love a girl ,but i don`t know whether she does or not sowhat should i do to know wether she loves me or not?

i am in love with my childhood friend , will she accept me or not?

I’m married to a wonderful man for 2 years that I love with my whole heart. He works very long hours which leaves me alone the whole day. When I’m with him, everything is fine. When he’s working, I am miserably lonely. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t love me as much as I love him and that he settled for me. We pretty much have no love life. He’s always “too tired”. On top of these issues with my husband, I can’t seem to get over my ex-boyfriend, my first love. He made me feel so good about myself. We never actually broke up, just drifted apart and lost contact. I never really got any closure. I’ve tried so hard to forget about him, but I can’t. I do alright during the day, but I dream about him and what we could have had together a few times a week. HELP!?!

i want to propose a guy but he already have two gf and he is also very close with me he only likes me in class plz i am crazy for him

So your are in love with your classmate in school. Better be good friends wit..
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if someone loved u a lot once and even proposed to u…but someone(your enemy) takes the one from u! what do u do…u did not luv the one at the time of proposal but now are completly in luv with him…what do u do?????

I like a girl in the other section of my class I had conveyed the message that I like her thru my another friend who is close to my love…last day she even arranged for our meeting & I asked her that will she be my friend….She said YES I think that she’s also interested….. this was my first meeting I wanna ask u tat how should I respond back to her on our second meeting?

dear love guru i saw a girl in our class and i love her but she hates me a she loves someone else and now i moving schools but i have her number but i am sacred to call i got from a class list

Respected Love Guru. Here am in need of u plz help me out…. i love a girl since my school time now am in 12.wat 2 say Unfortunately i have’nt proposed her….i came 2 know with her friends that she dose’nt loves me…am not sure..but Sir plz..give me advice how 2 propose her…Sir the girl whome i love is very Stirct and she is not that type of Girl so plz..give me an Advice…

i love a girl since 5 years and on 19 feb. 2004 i had told her,at that time she said no and after that we are good friends. Again before 4 months itold her in very deep way but again she give me the same answerand say i dont’t want to involve in these things again. because she had loved a boy before 5 years,but their relationship remained only for 3 months,but in those 3 months she give her heart totaly to him .Unfortunately,the boy herted her,misbehaved with her and give her so much pain. once she had eaten mortien.

i want to prapos you but i do not say it

hiiiiiii,lov guru i am in a difficulty that i love someone a girl very much and wants to make her my girlfriend but the problem is that she have someother boyfriend, she knows that i love her but she dont do anything ,i am a teenager and live in india and what should i do now ?please help me

one girl in my class , i see daily after some i like very much , and she was attract me with his great smile and voice , one day she was spoke my name and said to give economics notebook and i was gievn to her . that i surprised . my image in class innocent boy and i am not active in talking with girls because i am so nervous to talk the girl . tell what i do ?

first time i see a girl very beautiful innocent and i attract toward it , firstly thing that many girl i was see and she is once in there . but i will continue see daily one year and i like that girl , one day i was help to that girl two times . afters two year i will go to study same insitutes and i talk with her daily . one day i known she dout in me that this boy do friendship or love with me and she tell his friend when i ask to his friend i know his reaction is normal . tell me what i do ?.

what is the best way to propose a girl…..

Hi, LOVE GURU . Sir actually i am in love with a girl who had offered me rakhi in the past but i refused to wear it. Now i cannot live without her and i just want to propose her. Sir, plz suggest me some ways of how to propose and should i propose her. Waiting for your helping reply. Thanking You, Sourav

Dear Love Guru main jise chahta hoon woh mujhe khali byface janti hai jo bhi humne kabhi baat nahi ki hai woh meri class ke paas wali claas mein thi lekin aj tak kabhi usse baat karne ki himmat nahi plz mujhe batao mein kya karoon

She is my classmate and i love him a lote. But she says that i don’t love u. And She say’s that i like as a best frd. Magar mujha uski bato sa lagta hai ki wo mujha pyar kari hai mugar kisi karan sa vo mujha mana kar rahi hai. Jab main osa porpase kiya tha tab us na kaha tha ki mein kisi or sa pyar karti hu. Magar vo ek aasa larke sa pyar karti hai jo us nahi janta hai. Os plz tell me what can i do plz tell me.

Hi, love guru….. this is sharath from karnataka…. i love a girl very much, but another boy loves her and that boy is very elder to me…. and she doesn’t love both of us…. give me some suggestions man…!

she’s my school friend, after sometime i feel that she’s my life i can’t live with i proposed her she told me that she love’s other, but after 2 months she gave me the same response that i like u .but after 1 year she gone. i asked her the same question, at that time she replied that sorry i don’t love u,,,,,, after some time she got the same response from her boyfriend….,,,,, whenever we talked to each other i feel that she loves me,,,,, so pls give me suggetion

I have fallen in love with one of my classmates(Anisa). I do not know if she loves me or not. But I think she does. Neither have I told her anything nor has she. Actually I do not have the guts to propose anyone. She has been showing some interest in me since a few days. Once I got angry with her and she had apologised also. Please LOVEGURU, give me some tips to find out what is there in her heart? Am I there or not?

love guru i am school student i

which things are inpressing girls and what we boys have to do if we love her truely

dose guy lie?

I know this girl from school and i want to know if she likes me? she knows i like her but i dont know if she likes me. It always seems that shes flirting with other guys and hardly ever talks to me but i dont this if she just to shy. Also a freind asked her if she like me and she said know but i dont know if she was lying or telling the truth. Although she laughs at my jokes sometimes and sometimes i cuatch her looking at me then she looks away but i really just want to know how to tell if any girl or this girl likes you and what can you do to tell.

I had an infatuation on my class mate 6 yrs ago,he had an affair which i didnot know .Anyways i didnot tell him anything neither to ayone else, now i am an enggineering student and want to concectrate on studies but whenever i come across his photo ,i feel like missing something,i want to forget him completly ,plz do suggest some way to get out of this ,i don’t want to feel anything for him

i am loving someone but i cant tell this to her i love my career also i cant spoil my career but she is in my heart and mind at everytime plz tell me wat can i do she is in 11th class

i m a sochool student.i love a girl but she read in separate class.therefore she does’t know me.she is a simple i impress or attract her.

plzz sir tell me the basic tips of sample girl to attract her

i’m in love wid a girl who is already engaged wid someone else she often luks at me wid tat romantic luk wich makes me think tat she wants 2 b frnds wid me …….wat shud i do ???????????

hiii, i hv a vry good frnd whom i am in love with but he never listen to my feelings i cant live without him so plsssssssss help

There is a gal whum i met on the internet. I was charmed by her nature and fell in luv with her. I never saw her but still i luvd her more thn ne 1. We used 2 meet every day and hav chats for hours. Then i thght bout proposing her and i did it INDIRECTLY (By using my frnds name) and she had said tht we can just b gud frnds. Now i didnt hav a chat since the past 40 days and wen i checked her scraps on orkut…………..i saw another boy who…………….according 2 me is also behind her……………tell me wat 2 do sir. I really luv tht gals nature.

hello,love guru q-when i study in school,then ek ladki se mera love ka chker ki bat pheli huyi thi,mager mera koyi bhi chker nehi tha,mager muhe bura bhla kaha,aur hmari ldayi ho gyi aur hum ek dusre se nhi bolti thi aur muhe usse nefrt ho gyi,but ussne apne friend se muhe propose kya aur hmarionly friendship rakhi,mager muhi pura malum he ki vo muhe love karti he aur puchne par naa kar dethi he to main usse love khlwane ke liye kya kru

why do we get attracted towards some guys when we dont wish to do also

a guy i luv him but the problem is he is a flirter n ma all friends die on him. n i m 15 he 20 so wat am i supposed to doooo!


i love one girl but I can’t say becouse I don’t know that she love me.


hi love guro how r u .how iz every thing going on .i fell in love with a girl name sara gul but i cant tell this to hir .when ever in look at her she also looks me smiling to me what can i do plz help me our

i love one girl very much she also love me but there i one dificulty her cast any my cast is different with each other and she is scared about future what wii i do now plz reply me .

hi, i’m in love with a girl. shez ma best friend.. i really love her.. i want to propose her but worried tht if she will reject and not talk to me.. i dont want to lose ma best frnd

I’m in love with a girl ……………………but I think she dosen’t think same bout me ………shez my true love ……………….so I just wana ask …..that how should i make her fall in love with me

she asks bout me some tyms bout me to my friendz ………………she used to look at me when v were in the same skool………………she knows that I love her I just wana know how to Impress her …so that v get to gaher

PLZZZZZ, HELP MEEEE, I KNOW ITS VERY LONG, BUT PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ i love a girl for more than 7 yrs,she was in my school, i didnt propose her in dat time, we met just a coincidence, we got little chat, & we joined 4 MBA d 1st semester, i proposed her, she told me, she is engaged wid sm1 else, i was in lot of pain, but i didnt call her in dat time, in aftr 2nd semester, she called me up, we got chat a little, and gradually, she considered me best friend, she had a problem, wid her b.f. dat he cant marry her, coz of manglik prob.she cried in front of me 4 him.i started helping her.but 1 day we got into intimacy. aftr dat we were trying not to do dat, manytimes i told her not to do dat, but aftr smtime i was also not stoping her.dis scene was on the air 4 many months, i told her manytimes dat i love her, i cant live widout her.manytimes we got argument abt dat, i cut my wrist manytimes.3rd semestr january 2007,she told me to set my career and wid in 2yrs we get married.her brother’s marriage was going on, i saw her b.f. on dat wedding, she was not talking to me even.i cant explain i really wanted to die, or kill him on d spot, but i cud not do dat.i called her manytimes but she was not responding, i told her dat i will tell ur mother about evrything, she picked my call, i said friends again.after 2 day she said on call dat “i m selfish coz i am calling her for my reason”,she was upset coz her b.f. told her i will not marry u.i didnt call her, she cald manytimes but i didnt pick dat, but d matter was solved, we again got into dat same situation, i usually came 4m my office to her place, we chat.and…..,i stayed 2 weeks at her place for study,even at nite at her room,in d presence of her parents(no objection at all).aftr 4th semester, she got a job, she was busy wid her job, and a big prob in her house (her brother got prob wid her wife, she was havng an affair,now d divorced has sum up.)she didnt talk to me on dat time,in d meantime, i usually go to her house, to meet her bro, for help,before a month, she came to my house 4 talk to my mother, i was watchng her childhood pic on my p.c., she suddenly came to my room, and saw, she fell on me, aftr dat she pampering me a lot.even calld me at night, and told me evry story. recently, on friday nighti called her she was talking to her b.f., i confirmed by callng his cell no.even he (her b.f.) knows evrything abt me, he told her to get serious wid me.but she cant.i wantd to get a help 4m her(it was a plan).i calld her throughout a night she didnt pick, i sent her a msg in d morng “i need ur help” den she pickd my call.i told her to meet me,but she was busy, i again calld her, she didnt pick, i sent her msg, dat”y u do dis to me” and along wid lot.den she pickd, i told her y u avoid me, she gave execues but i didnt agree wid dat.her b.f. is going to u.s. in january, for 2 yrs.she wrote in her orkut profile in ideal match dat “who can love me more than anything in this world-not feasible i suppose” i really love her a lot, WHAT WOULD I DO, WAIT FOR THE DESTINY OR I KILL MYSELF, COZ I CANT LIVE WITHOUT HER, I KNOW EVERYTHING DAT I NEED TO TAKE CARE ABOUT MY CAREER. BUT I CANT DO DAT, I CRY A LOT FOR HER.I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

hi i am a muslim boy and love a hindu girl since class 8… and she also loves me very much i am in now 2nd year comp. scince.. she is also studing.. and we ar having gr8 love life.. but our problem is we want to get married. but dont know how coz we r of diffrent religion plz help us sir plz

hi,im 10 years old. My boyfriend thinks i dumped him but I didn’t my friends just wanted us to break up. Now he doesn’t even talk to me. What should I do? Should I make him jelous by really flirting with another guy. What should I do? Please help me out thank you.

i want to imprees a girl 14 year old,but how to do that

i love aperson who lives in our apartment,i see him everyday my mom she talks to him but i never talked to him and there was a humour that he loves a girl in our apartment but thats over so now how shoul i find out whether he loves me or not.

i am a student of class 9th and loves a girl manisha but the problem is that a bay loves her friend and her friend also loves that boy now is also attracting toward that boy and others boys are also trying to impress her?what to do now


I am love with one of my class fellow,I want to tell my feelings to her but whenever I try I dont know what happens to me.Plz tell me a way to tell her my feelings.

hell,good evening love guru.actually, i m wid a doubt. from many days,rather, since 1 year i was attracted towards a girl who studies in 9th. myself in 12th. i asked my dad, my sis n every one told dat i m in love. bt i was thinking that,this love is a rubbish thing which is just an imaginary pleasure. bt now its high time.& i m done sure dat she too likes me bt the problem is i dont hav time as i m in 12th & the school ud b closed after just 3 months.there is a boy of 10th who likes her. im afraid after i pass out he ud win the, plz suggest me how & vat 2 say her. plz suggest me exactly the phrase vat ud i say 2 her.plz, i hope u understand my problem

I really like a girl who is not in my section but in different section and want to impress here, please yaar tell me what to do.

i am in love with a girl. she was in my class last year and we were good friends. i told two of my friends that i like her. one of them went and told her. but her answer was that she dont mind i like her. but i was feeling so embaressed that after some day of this i stopped talking to her.and because of this she also stopped talking. so i want you to give me some idea so that i can patch up with her

Hi this is suraj . i am doing my undergraduate course.I am basically a carrer oriented person.I liked one of my classmates right from class 8.We are friends but not that close.I din wanna involve her so early into a commitement as i want her to come up well in life and fulfill her parents dreams as well.I wanted to propose her the day when i am self made .But just kindly tell me how to be in touch with her for now since she hardly comes online and she hardly calls me up.first of all let me know if it is love for me or is it infatuation????

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