I live at Baroda and my family is conservative. My friend asked me for a date. Is it ok for me to go
Hi Nisha,

Dear Love guru,I have a very serious doubt. My friend too is in love with the girl I love. I am
Hi Sameer,

How i know that some one think about you ?How express my frist love ?

There’s this boy who goes to my school who started to mess around with me. I started to mess around with him and now i think i like him. But the problem is he has a girlfriend and i didnt find out until this week. What should i do? She knows about me and him and even when shes around he still flirts with me. Should they break up and he get with me or should i just leave him alone?

I don’t like my boyfriend’s friendship with my friend what should i do.

hello sir, i got contact with my friend after 6 years,to whome i like most but due our HSC(intermidiate class) i havent told to her any thing so that we should not get diverted from our studies. Now we were in contact from last 4 months.We decided to meet but from last 3 times we was enable to meet.she was making some reason & i found some Igotic nature in her.just now also on 30th April we decided to meet but dosen’t. So suddenly i have taken decission to break our friendship.I have written mail to her also to break. Do i have taken correct decission.Or some thing i had done mistake. p’lz tell me so that if i’am wrong then i will say sorry to her.

I have this freind who I just love being around and she always makes me smile and I can’t explain it but she is this cool azz person that I adore. For some reason I see in her a lot of thing I like in a woman and for that reason i find my self having to hold bakd my feeling. I never had this type of friend that I just wanted to spoil all the time but I have to hold back becuase she has this place in my heart that will give her anything she wants and I have to be careful of that. She is truly amazing and sexy azz hell,lol but how do hold back from someone that makes me so happy???? I don’t think of her in a sex way but i had this dream that I ate her and it was just like it was real, and I just want to make her happy in every way, but now I am getting closer to a friend who wouldn’t like me doing things for another girl and this is were I have this big problem because the little cutties has my heart wrap around her finger. I never let a female frind drive my car but with her it seem so easy to see her smile and look so dam good all the time. How should I handle such a thing like this, do I just fall back or should I let my heart follow. I would like a responce on this if you can. thank wg.

i love my best friend, but he loves some other girl, they had a break up, and i told him my feelings.what should i do?

ok… I got this friend I really like. I have known him for 5 yrs but for 3 of the yrs he has live in Kentuckey he moved to kansas 2 yrs ago. I have spent a yr trying to get him to talk to me… well he started to say hi to me every now and then well then a yr and a half passed and he started talking to me well its been 2 yrs I like and now he teases me all the time, scares me all the me, everytime I see him his face lights up, he dose everything I sak him to do, he hates talking on the phone but he will some what talk to me (when he’s not watching T.V.) he has opened the door for me quiet a few times now….. But see the thing is everytime I ask him do you like me??? He tells me no but everything points to yes…. Dose he like me or am I just reading into things?? And if he dose like me how to I go about getting him….. mind you this is a really really shy guy almost everything I say his face turns Beat Red Please Help, Confused
Oic, got the point.

You feel the guy is so..

what is friendship?
Freindship is all about knowing each other and sharing all. Its about being l..

i am 18.i love a girl in my neighbourhood.we dont talk much and hence i dont know how to get close to her and improve my relationship with her ?the girl is 19.where do i start from ?
I assume that you are having some long distance rapport with each other. If y..

he was my net friend.i dont knw when i fell in love wid him.i proposed him he said lets b frnds.aftr 1 day he proposed me i said yes.it continued for 2 months.thn he lost his mobile.i hadnt given him my number.after tat he used 2 send me offlines.i used 2 send him offlines.from 6 months i hadnt chatted wid him.i used 2 send him offlines he sends me 1 offline in 1 month.now iam not even sure tat i get 1 offline in one month.i asked him 2 say me when he will be online.i didnt get reply.does he love me or not.plz reply soon.

i’m in 7th grade and my best friend courtney is going out with ian and i might like ian and he acts like he likes me and were all friends. well me and one of my other friends krystal were playing a ouija board and it said on august 23rd (when school starts agian) that ian will break up with her because of me. and then it said me and courtney won’t be friends agian. i want to tell her but i don’t know how. should i belive the ouija and wait for my love to come or should i save my best friends relationship with her love and me??

I like this girl that I work with, but she currently has a boyfriend. Should I still go for it and keep giving her signs that I like her?

i send a question give me ansewer

a friend is angry with me

i got friend she was good she did not like disco i kied habiet we good friends one day she called me at park at7pm but family problems iwas failure to go from that day she is not talking with me now love guru you do some thing give your answer immediatly pliease

hi. luv guru. i m saarika.. frm delhi… m in scol. i do not understand k mein kisi k ghurne ka matlab kya smjhu???????????? actually, mere scol me 1 ladka hamesha mujhe ghurta rhta hai,,,, yahan tak wo mujhe kahin b kabhi b takkar maar k chala jata hai…….. aur kayi aise baatien b huyi jisse mujhe aisa lga k wo kuch kahena chahta hai… what is this??? kya wo mujhse timepass kr rha hai ya wo sach mein kuch knha chahta hai.. meri frndsne use lekr mere dimag mein bahut kuch daal dia hai. now i m vry confuse… dat what 2 doooooo/ plz help….. m waiting……

Hi! I in love with my orkut friend, but here is a problem actually i m 20 year old n she is 29, main usse kaise kahu ki main tumse pyar karta hu, par pata nahi wo mujhse karti hai ya nahi,

I am working in a company and i have seen a nice girl from punjab.. I have started liking her.. But she is getting attacted towards other gys in my batch.. Give me some tips so that i can attract her towards me

Hi love guru. I in love with my orkut friend Kanika but here is a problem actually she 29 year old n i am only 20. i think she loves me but she thinks who mujhse badi hai……………… to plz suggest me what should i do?

Respected sir, i’ve known this girl since 4 months . She was my sisters friend. we talked through mobile ,three days later it was valentines day so i asked her she said she’ll come with me. in march end she said i love u. soon after this within a week her parents came to know about us. but she still continued to talked to me but rarely but since june she doesn’t spoke to me. n she even quited her previous tutions. i see her everyday outside her school i don’t know what happened why she don’t speak to me. i’m afraid of talking to her and i love her very much.

Hi LoveGuru, I met a gorl in my office last year, we started our friendship and she initiated because her one of the friend left her and she was feeling alone. she told me that she needs someone to support. I came ahead and hold her hand. Now the times pass, and we started talkin on phones, meeting in office, she started crying for me if i do not call, her roommates call me when she cries after each of our fight. Then it goes like this, we even talked for whole nights some times, goes for dinner almost everyday, I fell in love with her also, and when i proposed her she rejected now i cant live without her, we had big fight many times then she told me that she does not need me any more. Now she chats with her new friend may be her boyfriend, idont know. We stopped even looking at one another in office.. But I still somewhat feel bad when i think of her, I have given everything to her, because i loved her so much, but she cheated… I am trying to forget but not able to concentrate on my work and music career. Please help me to completely overcome this.

i love a girl named sumbul. i wana marry her but she is a rich girl i think i could not affor her…i love her can u tell me how can i impress her???

i m in lv with gal bt she love another 1 ,but dont want to marry him n when i ask abt me then she says i cant do lv with any 1 else

i am in love with one girl on net and i never seen her before . i send her sms on her mobile but i cannot speak with her . but i don’t know that she like me or not

i wanna make more and more friends but nobody want’s to be my friend?

I am 23 year old i am computer techer in Private Center. i am simple living persone. One Girl are come in our Center she is 22 year old Buetiful, Sweet. we meet since 1 month. on her birthday i propose to her and give rose rose and cholate. she told me she not intrest this type of matter and take only chocolate. i am very said . I can not live without her. she is daily come and norlamy takl with us. Please Give me help what can i do. Plese Do somthing

dear sir my problem

I am 23 Year Old. I am Computer Teacher in Private Academy. I Belong to Muslim Family. in our center one girl come she is 22 year old. she belong to hidu family i can not say her name. i khow her to last 2 month. i like her and i love her. on her birthday i propose to her with rose and chocolate. she told me she is not intrested this type of matter and acsept only chocolate. i never forgate her please tall me what can i do. i can not live without her. she daily come and talk with me a normal friend but never talk about love. she can’t understand my feeling. Plese provede me help. I Realy Thank to you

what is the merites (good thing) in love merrage.

Hello i am siri… i have a friend named visu..actual i met him through orkut.and now he is one of my close friend.i hav met him during feb of 2007.i started liking him after i met him..whenever a msg comes to my cell i think that he send it…or if any call comes i think its he.n i always keep thinking about him.he also talks with me..but i only show interest on him..even he shows but not as much as me.. i doesn’t understand that’s love or friendship.. plz suggest me.


i love a girl to much but i couldnot share with how can it may be possible

hiiiiii luv guru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a guy aged 17 years.i live in kenya. i saw a girl at a of the theatres and went deeeeeply in love with her.wen i tried finding out who she was i was told dat she lives in the u.k i got her num. but i dont knw where to start frm.i rely rely cant afford to loose her.if there is a way i can get plz plz plz tell me. or if i cant get her show me a way hate her plz. ive never felt lik thz 4 nyother gal.plz help me.i will die if dont get her plz.

hii Love guru.i am pursuing pgdm in AIM.In the institute i like a girl.her name is Shilpi jain,but she looks Massom so i call her MASSOM. she also knows i follow her. but i m afraid if she will reject then what wil i do so.i dont want to loose her . suggest me

i love one girl and don’t known recently i would not talk to . tell me what i do and what i continue to?

i love a girl very much. she is my best friend she also likes me . i have never said that i love u or any thing to her. how can i know whether she loves me or not. plz reply soon as i can’t live without her


i wrote the question about the ouija board. well my friend courtney and ian didn’t break up. but now courtney thinks ian is ignoring her so she think she kinda likes my friend and neighbore of 8 years dylan. but the problem is krystal the one i did the ouija with likes dylan alot cuz i brought her to his house once and she now best friends with him (krystal did that with one of my other friends before to) well krystal asked to go out with him and he said that it would ruin their friendship. well then just yesterday dylan told me that the more he hangs out with her he likes her more. so he told krystal that he was thinking of going out thing again. so i don’t know which one is going to get dylan. either way i’m left out. and i am really tired of krystal using me to get to other friends and the fact they smoke and get in so much trobble.

i m fallen love in streng lady who never saw me n i never saw her but she also love me

i want a girl friend but i didnot know how can make girl friend plese help me

i love her a lott really a lot i did many things for her but still she say no once she get with me and she stayed with me for only 2 days..?

hi I hav made a frnd on orkut. i hav not met her till now . V talking from 4-5 days & discusd evrything . Ihav told her to mit me anywhr she fils like , but she says I vl hav to think about it but she vl definitely meet me. She askd me out tht AM i intrstd in her but i told her tht i jst wanna b gud frnds. i hav started liking her . Plssss help me out luvguru as early as possible.

Hey !! I m in love with my one of my friend, we are friend from last 2 years, i had a crush on her on first site from then i decided to marry this girl but 2-3 months a boy came in her life 1st they were frnds then they made a decision to have an affair but the commiment between them was for 2 months they will see whether they can have a affair now they are attracted to each other but the thing is i really love her more than my life but i can’t express her as i m afariad to lose her, Even the girl now that i love her so much i told all this thing to her best friend & she told her each & every thing about myself But she just refused saying that he is my bestfriend & she has a blind trust on me even she said to me that i know every thing about her life & affair but still i did this all thing with her, But she does’nt have any probs about my love but the thing is she take my realtionship just as a friend, One thing she know about me that i love her more than anyone in then world but still she cant thing about me b’coz of that boy. I really need your help in this if u can help me ?????

ilove with my uncls doughter what to do?

I am in Love with a girl. But its difficult for me to propose her. but she know very well i love her. but cant say.i realy love her and want to marry with her What to do now?

hi mere naam rakesh hai meri ek dost hai jisse me bhot pyaar karta hu per usko bol nahi pa raha ho mujhe btayeye me kya karo

i don’t have a girlfreind what should i do to make them please help me i need your help

I met a girl on the net , as a friend slowly we developed our friendship , i got her cel no. we started to call each other, daily , instead of chaating on net, we still not met practically , bcoz she stays in other state . so this continued for six months , and suddenly she stopped calling , and replying msgs, one day she called and told that she is busy do’t call me , by the way she works in MNC so what should i do ? she has very big friend circle, so help me

Hello sir, main ek ladki se pyar karta hoon jo ki maire ghar ke pass hi rehti hai. maine usse bol diya hai ki i love u. par usne mujhse abhi tak nahi bola hum dono ek dusre se online baat karte hain.humari frnd ship ko abhi tak sirf 8 months hue hain. uske parents mujhe jaante hain. aur sir us ladki ne mujhse bola tha ki wo pehle kisi se pyar karti thi tab us ladke ne usse dhoka de diya tha isliye ab us me himat nahi hai dubra se pyar karne ki. maine usse bola ki har ladka ek sa nahi hota.aur usne mujhe sab kuch clear kar diya hai usne mujhse kuch nahi chupaya. sir mujhe ye samjh nahi aa raha hai ki kya wo mujhse pyar karti hai ya nahi ..

Main English Main Thora Kam Hoon Lehaza Main Aap Se English Main Baat Nahien Kar Sakta Please Mujh Ko Urdu Main Jawab Dena…. Main Ek Larki Se Pyar Karta Hoon. Woh Meri Relative(Rishtey Dar) Hai. Aur Mujh Se Panch Ya 6 years Choti Hai. Woh Bohat Beautiful And Main Bhi Hoon Magar Itna Nahien. Aur Main Uss Se Baat Kartey Hoie Ghubrata Hoon.. Please Mujh Ko Bataien Main Pakistan Main Rehta Hoon Aur Agar Aap Mujh Se Baat Karna Chahtey Ho To Please Mera Number Lelo 0346-3317581

you knw wht? ur jst mentally sick love guru.u dnt knw how u can connect two lovers i asked u about ma love an u never replied its been over 1 month now. im ready to gve u a BLANK cheque ok

you knw wht? ur jst mentally sick love guru.u dnt knw how u can connect two lovers i asked u about ma love an u never replied its been over 1 month now. im ready to gve u a BLANK cheque ok

you knw wht? ur jst mentally sick love guru.u dnt knw how u can connect two lovers i asked u about ma love an u never replied its been over 1 month now. im ready to gve u a BLANK cheque ok

i m 26 yr. old boy. problem is i m doing a private job. and my partner is also age of 26. but she is inbetter position . we r working together. i m short boy and also very thin, but sometimes attract. i like her very much not only her beauty but a girl whom i wanted always. she is not also of same caste. what can i do? pls guide me. thanx.

Helo Love Guru ! Actualy one girl is loving me very crazily from last 6 months she is beautiful also but from last 2 months am also diverting towards where first idont have any kind of intrest in love! now she is ready for marraige and am not in that position B’Coz she is almost quite elder than me ! Please advise a best way for me .. whether i should give time or continue my friendship with her.. pls reply soon …. waiting for your reply ???

how to i propose to my friend in a different way?

how to i propose to my friend in a different way?

hi, i always wonder to say my problem to someone, to whom i can share my all matters,without ny hesitation, so first of all thnks, to give me space, to discuss all this.i m well educated girl,and working in a MNC company,2-3 years ago, i got a mail of a stranger for frndship, i usually like to write mails, and talk with ppls, bt tht days, i was very shy girl and never talk with boys, bt i also want one of frnd as boy, with whom i can talk and share my thoughts with him, bt i never appreciate wrong talks or wrongs boys to talk with me, i always like to talk within my boundries, but i m searching a frnd, so when i got this mail, first 3 mails i replied very rudly to know, the person, bt slowly we become good frnds, i always wait for his mail, and i m also used to for reply, bt after 2-3 months, i found smthing in his mail, alike he start loving me, i said him everytime,tht i dont like this kind of things, so he stoped, and after 6-7 months, we met as frnd, on first impression i wasnt like him, coz he is aged thn me, and second, somehow he is nt very good luking, just a simple boy, and after our first meeting, now the time to reply, so i was reply to his mail, may be he is in suspence, tht either i would reply or not, bt i was not coz if on first look i feel he is nt as good luking and all, so on another min i said to myself , its nt matter coz he is my good frnd, and we r frnds, ….bt i think here is the mistake,coz he understand tht i also accept him, and thn whenever i talk thrgh mail, he sounds alike way, and i always restrict him to say those 3 words, bt one day i start teasing him, while saying, wht u wanna say me, aaj keh do smthing, he also understand tht i m teasing, bt he took advantage, and he propose me for Love,…i was keep silent, and we never talk on this, bt wo mujhe realise karata rehta, and slowly i accept coz, of his Love, and i realise this, when i said to him, tht everything is ended, i dnt wanna continue, coz i m nt a girl , who made for love and all,…..and he start crying loudly on phone, i was kept surprise after hearing his loud crying,….and i accept his proposal of love, thn we met again after first proposal, and we start meeting onces in a month, coz he was doing job in mujhafarnagar as lecturare in an engineering collegue, and i m in Delhi,…..but after 2-3 meetings, he suggest to meet in a garden, i felt there is harm in tht, so i went with him, there he get chance to Kiss me, and first time he kissed me, and i felt very upset, i get annoyed from him, he said sorry many times, and start understanding me, this is very nominal things in Love,…. and slowly we start meeting in garden, everytime, bt i never cross my limits, and never give him chance to cross any limits, bt suddenly after 1 year he tell me, he is in trouble form such reason, bt he is not willing to tell me, but slowly i get know from him, tht he had a past with a girl, he loved her, but coz his parents not agree for tht girl , coz tht girl belongs to SC/ST caste, so he left her, but tht girl is not willing to leave him, he do total break up from her, bt she is troubling him,first i get shocked, but i dont know why i still do cooperate with her to say , tht 2day he loves me, and he is not a cheater, but my heart says its cheating coz, if he hasnt nything in his mind thn he shld tell this before proposal, ….. but when i asked to him, tht why not u tell this before to me, he said coz he dont wanna loose me,…..i try to forgot all and i said to him , its not a big issue, u just ignore her, he replied, she attempt to sucide many times, and her parents are also nt ready for merriage, bt she is insisting,…….bt mujhe samajh nahi aata tha,whts the problem, bt wo bahut pareshan rehne laga,….. u cant believe,…after another 1 year i insist him, whts the problem, whts the tension, thn he reveal one more fact that before proposing me, he had one more girl frnd, after first girlfrnd, but before me, he said he do talk with tht second girl, coz she always do tensed for her boyfrnd, so just in infatuation, he start supporting her through mail only, he never even touch her,…but now coz she tie up with her boyfrnd, so now his boyfrnd teassing him, to keep away and all,…… and her boyfrnd giving him continusly threats for this, and now these 2 girls are threating him, tht thy will do court case against him, or thy will do problem in his merriage,…….its going to become tht much on hike, tht he decide to leave the job from mujhafarnagar, and go back to his home, for sometime, in haridawar,…….in the mean time, he is regualrly talking to me, and inform me for everything, and i forced him to delhi job, coz i know my parents never agree for a boy who is doing job in mujaafarnagar,……so he start finding job here and get job in delhi as a lecturare, his first girl frnd is form delhi itself, and second is now in merut…….he get job last month in delhi engeneering college, and i really love him alot, so i talk with my parents abt him, bt my parents are nt ready for intercast merriage, the problem arises over here, my parents still talk with his father, and get retrive all the information abt his family and all, thy r farmers, except his father, but his most od all relatives are farmers, and live in village, bt as this boy is working in delhi now, and he is saying tht his future plans are only for me, and in delhi,……….but my parents are not ready for this boy, coz of 3 major reasons, : first age differnece is og 5 years, he is 5 year elder thn me, and second: he is in intercastesiam, and belongs from farmer village family third: he is earing only 18000 P.M and a lecturare, and not good looking and i understand all the reason, tht he is not perfact match for me, he is not from very good family, and he is nt earning much, and may be he is a boy with past of 2 girls, he is a boy who is yet struggling for his life, and may be i also need to struggle with him, he is a boy who have no good personality,…..i know he hasnt ny plus point from anyone’s point of view,……and not even from my point of view, BUT, he loves me alot, and i Love him alot, i think we will manage everything, to live, we just need Love, what i have, even i expact tht he will not give me very happy and luxary life, but still i love him, and i can adjust with him, ……… please help me, what i need to do , i need help in following: 1) Is this boy really worth for me? 2) Do i need to go for my choice? 3) How do i adjust myself, if its bcom immpossible, coz now its seems immpossible for me, to live without him, but i cant go against my parents. i cant leave niether my parents, nor my love. please do help me, its going very tough for me, to adjust with my mind, everyday comes, with tension, tht wht should i need to do.

i fall in love with girl she loves me too.but my parents are not agreed that i maaried with him her parents are agreed.i do every thing for her infact i eat sleeping pills for her because i cant live with out her.what can i do?i tried too much that my mom and dad become agree but they did not agreed.can some one give me any sugestion?

why friendship occur close with girl to boy and boy to girl ?

kon aahes re tu pandya tula phar answer yetat ka mag ek sang tu tujhe naav pandya ka aahe te ?

hi, i m 21 years old boy. i want a good girlfriend. but i cannot find. please tell me that what should i do to find a girlfriend? please help me and tell me soon. i will wait of ur mail. THANKS

i dun have a sis in my life. i saw a girl in my school. i accept her as my adopted sister till now. how should i threat or impress or to be a good brother for her?

i like one girl but shee like some one but her ferend is said to me i help you but i am not wandring to help you because she mad for him that way please help me because she is my life i can’t live without her

hey, i like this girl and shes told me she likes me 2 but shes going uout with someone she dont like and i dont know whats going on, she claims she going out with that guy to forget her ex boyfriend what can or shall i do am really confused

hey, i like this girl and shes told me she likes me 2 but shes going uout with someone she dont like and i dont know whats going on, she claims she going out with that guy to forget her ex boyfriend what can or shall i do am really confused

iam sad not my friend please who is my friend i dont now please send me any girls name i friendship them thanks for you.

there is a girl who is my good friend but i like her but she already have a boy friend ,so in this situation what should i do

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